Zeus Gear Sponsors Team Clarity

November 19, 2017

Zeus Gear Sponsors Team Clarity

We are proud to announce our first major sponsorship to Team Clarity, a growing professional gaming organization with multiple teams in various games. Their CS:GO team will have our full support with our PC gaming gears and of course their own skills to move forward into their challenges that lies ahead. Team Clarity had a good start in ESEA-Main early season but they have encountered a rough mid-season due to roster issues. After fixing some roster issues, they lead to their next accomplishment by winning a tournament at Montreal Esports in Montreal, Canada.

Team Clarity (left) and Taco Cat (right)

Team Clarity (left) and Taco Cat (right).

Their goal this season in ESEA-Main Season 26 is to have a good grasp of where they stand together as a team. For their first season in ESEA-M, we believe S27 would be something to look out for as they continue to triumph through their opponents and they might just make it to the playoffs or even win the season. Best of luck to this Canadian team on their path to glory!

Next up, Team Clarity's League of Legend team has dominated the tournament which was hosted by a partnership between Asus ROG Arena & Microsoft Store.

They started off winning their first weekend tournament (8 team elimination bracket) and they have trampled through all their opponents till the end of the tournament which lasted for four weeks! They have not lost a single match and they left being the champions with a great memory to remember. A good run for these five amazing players and the support from their coach.

Team Clarity League of Legend


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